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PVBZ aka Pabz is a Rap Artist from East Midlands, United Kingdom. Growing up with a heavy Rap/Hip Hop Influence, he started writing rhymes & lyrics to express himself. At this moment, he found a way to escape from normality and from as early as 8 years old, he was performing his lyrics in front of friends at school and at home to family.


In a effort to stay out of trouble, he attended youth clubs, where he was able to take advantage of government funded music projects & courses. At places like these, his creativity was able to flourish, which created a opportunity to escape the life stresses that most underprivileged children face.

Since growing up into an adult, PVBZ has strived for greatness & achieved many impressive things in the process. Although life circumstances have got in the way, he has always tried to stay focused on his music. 

However this year, PVBZ is determined to keep a consistent flow of music, with hopes of reaching unforeseen heights! So join him on his journey and stay tuned for More Music! 

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